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Care For Cowboy Boots

Care For Cowboy Boots

Since cowboy boots are a big funding whether or not they cost $80.00 or $2000.00, the correct care is one of the best ways to protect your investment. It is not really all that hard to care for cowboy boots but important. You always wish to wipe off any mud you might have on them instantly while the mud is fairly damp, and use a soft damp material to wipe off any dust that might be left on your boots. For boots that may be very dry, shoe cream or leather conditioner can be used and is choosered over saddle soap which might hurt the finish on the boot.

There are all sorts of various kinds of cowboy or cowgirl boots as in cowhide cowboy boots are very sturdy perhaps the toughest of all the cowboy or cowgirl boots. Cowhide will be cleaned by brushing off any loose dust & mud after which use approved leather conditioner to clean. Chances are you'll want to use a matching shoe color cream, brushing into the leather and then use a soft clean cloth to buff the boot.

Some boots are durable however softer to touch as in rough out or suede cowboy boots. With this type of boot you wish to avoid the mud, then clean with a nylon brush and you need to treat with a stain protector pretty often.

Full quill ostrich cowboy boots have a very unique grain. The smooth ostrich leather is soft to the contact due to reduced indent contents. The ostrich cowboy or cowgirl boots are very strong and versatile. To care for the ostrich leather brush off any loose dirt with a brush or a soft material, apply Reptile Conditioner with a soft cloth after which let them dry followed by thin coats of conditioner as needed.

Cowboy boots made from snakeskin are smooth and very delicate to touch. To care for snakeskin cowboy or cowgirl boots wipe in opposition to the scales to remove mud and dirt. When making use of matching cream polish be sure to polish with the grain of the scales. Yellowing of snakeskin is caused by the sun and can't be reversed with cleaning products.

There are cowboy boots made from alligator and to maintain them in good situation you merely brush off any loose grime with a brush or a soft cloth. Apply Reptile Conditioner with a soft fabric after which let them dry. Buff the leather and apply thin coats of conditioner as needed.

There are other exotic cowboy or cowgirl boots like elephant & lizard to care for these types brush off loose dirt then clean with a leather conditioner. Then you would apply a thin coat of a matching wax polish and buff.

A few of the boot makers that might make these types of exotics, or cowhide would include Ariat, Lucchese, Justin, Tony Lama, Charlie 1 Horse, Olathe, Chippewa. Cowboy boots are available in a wide range of sizes for any lifestyle. The exotics are generally the most expensive compared to cowhide or tough out leathers.

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